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Keyboard Freedom
Latest Release: 1.0.2 ( June 8, 2015 )
Keyboard Freedom offers you an alternative to the native keyboard in touch devices. In some situations it is not possible to load the platform’s native keyboard for text input. In others cases, you may want to limit the characters an user can input or straight up design an specific set of keys for it.

Keyboard Freedom lets you completely customize the text input experience by allowing you to change the font used, the size and color of the buttons, the position of the board and much much more.

  • Fully customizable code made in GML.
  • Complete customization of size, color, position and feel.
  • Support for capitalization of letters.
  • Complete control over which characters can appear in the keyboard.
  • Example application with a fully functional input field.
  • Tool tip that displays selected characters while typing.
  • Strength sensitive scroll of characters.
  • Fully commented code ad nauseam.
  • Complete documentation.

  • Compatible with all GameMaker: Studio modules.

Windows ( exe )
Android ( apk )
Release Notes:
1.0 ( Nov. 25, 2015 )
  • Initial Release
1.0.1 ( June 8, 2015 )
  • Backspace button closes the keyboard
  • Fixed deleting the # sign
  • Changed background of keys to draw_rectangle() instead of an sprite
  • Other Bug Fixes
1.0.2 ( June 8, 2015 )
  • Some minor corrections